Women's History Month Custom Tins

 In observance of Women's History Month, I had to shine a bright light on us, Black Women! It has been said that Black Women carry the world - and baby - did we come through this year!!

From the first, Black Vice President of the United States, to a quiet force working hard behind the scenes in Georgia to get folks to out and vote, to those of us who voted for the first time. We did it all! We made H.E.R.-story!!! 

Elle Vie is honoring Black Women with a Limited-Edition sample set, comprising 5 tins of our popular baseline butters. Carry these tins with you wherever you go for continued shine, irresistible fragrance, and inspiration from our modern day Sheroes!! Continue to influence and be reminded that this moment belongs to all of us, that means you too!!!Grab a set for you and grab a couple for your crew too!

Each set features 5 - 1 ounce tins of our signature scented butters  - Girls Night Out, Date Night, Social Butterfly, Goal Getter and The World Is Mine.

Supplies are LIMITED so grab yours today.

Customer Reviews

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Conversation starter

I enjoyed the inspiring and celebratory covers of phenomenal Black women. Their photos are vivid and flattering likenesses of each of them. They provide validation for women of color young and old as well as those melanin challenged. They are excellent conversation starters. The tin make for excellent party favors or gifts in general. You have the option of gifting a set or splitting the set and gifting to a few. There can serve as a reward or prize but they are always a source of pride. The tin can be refilled and reused, perfect for a waiting purse, pocket, nightstand, dresser, or desk.

The different scents are represented, so this is an excellent way to try and familiarize yourself with the inventory. This is a win, win, win opportunity. Do not hesitate to purchase. I purchased 6 sets and I will be returning for more. I hope there are different women selected so I can expand my personal collection. Without a doubt, this was my greatest purchase and find in 2021 and uplifted my shell-shocked spirit. Thank you Elle Vie

P.S. As a candle lover and collector, I wish there were an option to purchase the candles independently.

Love your products

I love the mini tins and the product keeps the ash away. I have given these sample packages to almost all of my girlfriends and they love them.

Brown sugar scrub

This product is life and it leave my face and body feeling great. I will be ordering again. Thank you

Thank you!

Dropping powerful
Women scents I’m the purses of
Friends I lunch with as a reminder of
Our power.

Special occasion worthy

I truly love this stuff! I have allergies and can not wear perfume, so I use this stuff on my skin when I want to smell like a million plus tax without headaches. It did a great job softening my skin and lasting for hours.

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