Wanderlust Collection - Descriptions

 Cape Town - December 2017

The debut butter from the Wanderlust Collection is Cape Town Body Butter. This flower-infused scent combines hints of jasmine, freesia and rose with citrus whispers. Warm, wood-inspired notes mingle with vanilla in the background to create a scent that gets more intense and interesting every time it passes your senses. You will feel as though you are gliding along Cape Town’s famous harbor with warm breezes in front of you and a colorful city skyline that’s alive with activity behind you. Cape Town is the perfect destination to inspire our butter of the month for December because of the fact that summer over there is winter over here. That means that you can experience the sweet embrace of summer at the foot of Table Mountain while the temperatures drop here at home. 

Cape Town Body Butter by Elle Vie will only be available through the month of December. That means that this is your one chance to get wrapped up in this creamy, captivating formula. Make December the month you bring the spirit and essence of Cape Town with you everywhere you go by getting your hands on our exclusive, limited-batch Cape Town Body Butter.

Mykonos - January 2018
The debut of The Wanderlust Collection in December was a big hit. Elle Vie is proud to take you along our next adventure by unveiling January’s butter of the month. Mykonos offers a rich texture that blends into your skin like the pure Aegean waves that bounce against the beautiful island that inspired its name. This butter includes notes of saffron, broom flower, patchouli, rose and sandalwood. It has a dark and brooding essence about it that speaks to the island’s sexy and mysterious side. Hints of this butter’s woody, spicy scents can be detected when a breeze hits your skin. 

Mykonos is a Greek island known for its whitewashed buildings, cosmopolitan flair and amazing weather. Greek mythology states that this island was formed from the petrified bodies of giants that were destroyed by Hercules. Take in the scent of our Mykonos body butter and picture women in wide-brimmed sunhats and silky sundresses hopping on yachts docked over blue waves. See visions of families gathered around tables wearing golden tans and gold watches. Watch college students dive into the Aegean Sea with screams of laughter and delight. 

Embark on a Greek odyssey this January by getting your hands on our exclusive Mykonos body butter. Our butters of the month are made in limited batches. That means that this may be your only chance to get a taste of the Greek Cyclades every time you caress your skin.

Abu Dhabi -  February 2018
We are proud to introduce Abu Dhabi as the February selection in the Elle Vie Wanderlust Collection. Untwist the cap and feel like you’re boarding a private jet to a place where the biggest movers and shakers go to relax and feel the heat. The exotic glamour and luscious desert heat of Abu Dhabi can be sensed with every whiff of Australian sandalwood and cardamom that dances over your body after applying this butter. Soft waves of iris, violet and ambrox scents will carry your mind to a daytime desert adventure and evenings spent draped in the softest Persian satin. 

A destination as rich as Abu Dhabi can only be encapsulated by a butter as rich and decadent as our February butter of the month. This is where people come to watch cars race like rockets in the Grand Prix or visit the Emirates Palace Hotel to purchase a gold bar from a gold vending machine. Our Abu Dhabi body butter for the month of February is only available in a limited batch. Get yours before it disappears like a desert mirage.

Santorini - March 2018
This blissful butter will transport you to a shining island in the Aegean Sea. Our butter will reshape your skin’s texture just like ancient volcanoes are forever shaping the majestic and mysterious landscape of Santorini. Each hint of Italian bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, Turkish rose, black orchid, Moroccan rose, sandalwood and vanilla will carry your mind to visions of whitewashed homes clinging to chalky seaside cliffs and beaches clothed in black, red and white lava pebbles. 

Santorini is a luxurious, rich and sensual scent that brings whispers of the vacation experience to all of the senses. However, it is subtle and universal enough to fit right in at the office. You’re going to get some compliments once you let this butter turn your skin into something as beautiful as the shimmering blue waters that surround Santorini. This Greek-inspired butter is only available in a limited batch during the month of March. Grab it now before you miss your chance to soak your skin in the charms of the Aegean Sea!

Phuket - April 2018
Elle Vie is proud to present Phuket as our April butter of the month. Take an odyssey to Thailand and explore the tropical pleasures of the Andaman Sea every time you open a jar of our Phuket body butter and experience scents inspired by a forested, mountainous island that is as exotic as it is welcoming. Phuket hypnotizes visitors with its beautiful beaches full of white sand and crystalline blue waters. This mesmerizing island enjoys a tropical climate and abundant sunshine. Our Phuket butter delivers the same silky sensation as the ocean breezes that run over the island on sunny days. 

The natural beauty of Phuket is outdone only by the glamour of its many high-end resorts. Surrender your senses to the Italian bergamot, freesia blossom, natural jasmine, cashmere musk and vetiver extract that will intoxicate you every time you apply Phuket body butter by Elle Vie. We’ve carefully created this month’s butter to elicit the same exciting sensations and emotions that you would experience while enjoying nature hikes or diving during an amazing holiday in Phuket. We’ve balanced it out by introducing notes that will make you experience the relaxation of enjoying a massage while overlooking forested peaks and ocean waves from a Thai resort.

Puerto Vallarta - May 2018
The Elle Vie Wanderlust Collection proudly presents Puerto Vallarta as our butter of the month for May. People from around the world come to this sunny spot to enjoy the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, warm sand and an atmosphere of pure relaxation. Our scented butter recreates the beauty and adventure of a destination that is surrounded by a blue bay on one side and a mountain on the other. The thrill of taking horseback rides along the tides, diving into waters so blue they are practically sapphires and enjoying endless nights at posh restaurants and bars has been captured perfectly in a jar you can take with you everywhere. 

You won't go unnoticed when you wear our Puerto Vallarta body butter. Its warm, spicy scent is reminiscent of hot nights spent by the sea in this coastal Mexican wonderland. A touch of sweetness in the background brings to mind the fragrant flowers and fruit trees that are peppered throughout the picturesque streets and boardwalk areas of Puerto Vallarta. Notes of vanilla are mixed with dashes of pink pepper, vanilla, orange blossom, patchouli and cedar. 

Elle Vie's butter of the month is only available in limited batches. This is your only chance to slip away to relaxing, beautiful Puerto Vallarta every time you lather your skin in our organic, all-natural formula. Get your jar just in time for summer and turn every warm night into a Puerto Vallarta night!

Turks and Caicos - June 2018
Sunny and sultry Turks and Caicos has been chosen as the Elle Vie Wanderlust Collection’s butter of the month for June. Escape to a world of lush palm trees and hidden cays each time you cover your skin in this decadent, limited-edition body butter. Each whiff you capture of this butter's scent will take you from the stresses of everyday life and whisk you away to an island setting where shimmering blue waves and coral reefs are all part of daily life. This is the butter for you if your ideal vacation involves dreamily napping in a hammock on a lazy, sun-filled day and spending your night sipping fruity, intoxicating drinks by a moonlit beach. 

Turks and Caicos is home to world-class beaches and tropical beauty. We’ve captured the smells and sensations of this tropical paradise in every ounce of our Turks and Caicos body butter. Give yourself the joy of stumbling upon a secluded beach or discovering ruins wrapped under the coverage of a leafy jungle each time you apply Elle Vie’s Turks and Caicos butter. We’ve added white musk and oriental vanilla to create a scent that is rich, sweet and spicy. You will love the way this scent comes across as being purely feminine without being overpowering. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on this one-of-a-kind butter if you’re searching for the perfect scent for the summer of 2018.

Curaçao - July 2018
Elle Vie's butter of the month for July is Curaçao. Why not cheat on your usual body butter and have a summer fling with Curaçao? This rich, decadent formula has been carefully crafted to embody the sultry, tropical vibe of a Dutch Caribbean island that's known for its coves and corals. This unisex fragrance is characterized by its subtle masculine undertones. Picture yourself floating around in a flowing floral dress that mirrors the hues of the pastel-colored homes that dot the beach here or dressing to the nines in a sport coat and bright polo shirt. Days in Curaçao can be spent visiting the floating Queen Emma Bridge or rolling around in warm, soft sand. 

Elle Vie's Curaçao butter is an attractive and distinctive formula that lingers on your skin. The Curaçao scent has been carefully formulated with hints of bergamot, vanilla, amber, patchouli and lavender. It offers a soft and sweet feel that you will want to experience during both the day and night. You'll love the way this rich, layered formula covers the skin and keeps moisture in. The scent is classy and pleasant. Clients who have worn this butter have let us know that people constantly walk up to them to ask what scent they're wearing. Orders yours now because your chance to have a summer fling with Elle Vie's limited-edition Curaçao butter will end when July does!

The Elle Vie Butter of the Month for August is Negril. This scent captures what it feels like to witness a Jamaican sunset. Negril is a perfect pick for the steamy month of August due to this destination's perfect island vibe, sandy beaches and shallow bays. Our Negril-inspired body butter delivers a sweet, sensual and tropical dose of island magic with help from Madagascar vanilla, white orchid, jasmine and sandalwood. You will definitely picture miles of white sand, seaside villas topped with thatched roofs and off-the-shoulder sundresses covered in tropical patterns when our Negril body butter touches your skin! 

Negril is a spot that is beloved by vacationers and honeymooners from around the world. It is so easy to lose hours while relaxing beside the bejeweled waves of turquoise that paint the coast of this portion of the Caribbean. A visit to the bone-white Negril Lighthouse is an opportunity to take in the breezy charm of the island. Negril's many fabulous shops, restaurants and bars help to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Negril is the kind of place where you'll want to slip into a dress that shows off the sun-kissed shoulders you earned while relaxing on a yacht or snorkeling among the island's many coral reefs. 

Are you ready to give your skin an island vacation with just one touch? Take the opportunity to enjoy one last kiss of summer by getting your hands on our tropics-inspired Negril body butter during the month of August. This all-natural, beatifying formula is made in a limited batch that won't last long.

Cabo San Lucas - September 2018
Elle Vie is proud to announce Cabo San Lucas as our butter of the month for September. We've crafted a butter that captures the essence of a Mexican resort town that’s known for its sunny days and hot nights. Cabo is famed for its world-class resorts, amazing restaurants and decadent beaches. People from all over the world come to Mexico's Baja California Peninsula to experience the blue waves, posh shops and lively nightclubs that await tourists. Our Cabo San Lucas body butter has been designed to capture that exciting, relaxing feeling of an exotic vacation in Cabo. You will dream of snorkeling off the shore of Cabo's famed Lover's Beach or wading in warm tides beside a natural archway among sea cliffs called El Arco. 

One whiff of our Cabo body butter will make you feel like you're enjoying a pampering spa treatment at a world-class resort in Cabo. Notes of mandarin, black currant, peony, patchouli and musk help to ignite the senses and create an irresistible scent. The scent of our Cabo San Lucas body butter has been described as classic, clean, fresh and alluring. This is a statement fragrance that you will definitely become addicted to. 

The Elle Vie Wanderlust Collection has been created to take you to destinations around the world every time you open a jar of our high-quality, all-natural body butter. These high-fragrance butters leave skin looking soft, supple and glistening. Get our Cabo San Lucas butter while it lasts because this beautiful gem is only being created as part of a limited batch.

Tenerife - October 2018
The Elle Vie Butter of the Month for October is Tenerife. Travel to Spain’s Canary Islands to soak in the tides that connect Europe with West Africa. This butter will cause your skin to shiver with delight as you picture the tall peak of Mount Teide or dream of beautiful people parading around in vibrant costumes and colorful plumage in honor of Carnaval de Santa Cruz. Tenerife is famous for its gorgeous beaches with sand that ranges from yellow to black in some spots. Don't be surprised if you feel like you're living a taste of the Spanish resort life that is enjoyed at famous spots like Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas each time you apply our decadent butter to your skin. 

Elle Vie's Tenerife-inspired butter for the month of October can be described as having a fresh, clean and warm scent. It was once described as embodying a beach on a grey, cloudy day. Hints of musk, sage and grapefruit bring to life the scent of a classic European beach holiday. Butter scents from the Elle Vie Wanderlust Collection are made in limited batches. Get your hands on Tenerife before it washes away with the Spanish tide.

Amsterdam - December 2018
The Elle Vie Butter of the Month is Amsterdam. This forward-thinking, experimental city is the perfect setting to embody our fragrant, decadent butter. Let Elle Vie bring your senses on a whirlwind tour of the capital city of the Netherlands with every jar. Think of cruising down the Amstel and admiring colorful windmills each time this butter touches your skin. Enjoy the thought of dinner at a sidewalk restaurant as red lights cast interesting shadows in the city's livelier districts every time you watch this butter make your skin glow. Amsterdam invites guests to explore canals, visit the Van Gogh Museum and spend time at coffee shops that serve a little more than java! 

Our Amsterdam butter whips up a sense of sweet sensuality that you will never tire of! It's a scent that was made for contemporary women. It is refined, subtle and addictive. Scent notes of ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla and amber straddle the line between richly bold and subtly sweet. 

Let your imagination take a vacation to one of the most daring cities in Europe this winter. Get your hands on Elle Vie's Amsterdam body butter while it lasts. The butters from our Wanderlust Collection are made in limited batches.


Sydney- January 2019
Sydney is the Elle Vie Butter of the Month for January. This Australian city is known for amazing attractions like the Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Tower Eye. What's more, Sydney is known for being the home of some of the best aquariums and wildlife spots in the world. It is the perfect place for getting wild. Our butter's hints of jasmine, fresh lily, amber wood, soft musk, honeysuckle nectar, patchouli and dewy petals will put you in a wild, natural state of mind. Each element reacts differently on different types of skin. Take your skin on a voyage to this city in the Land Down Under every time our natural, soft-as-silk butter touches your skin. 

What does it mean to take a little bit of Sydney with you every time you use Elle Vie's butter? The lush, woody and floral scent of this butter is so feminine and dynamic. Don't be surprised if you suddenly feel a little more confident, independent and inspired once it has been rubbed on your skin and you leave the house to take on the day. The adventure, romance and freeing spirit of Oceania is present in every ounce of our hand-crafted, ultra-premium body butter.

Durban - February 2019
Elle Vie proudly introduces Durban as our butter of the month for February. This exotic, rich scent perfectly represents coastal South Africa. The essence of the famed Durban Botanical Gardens is carried through every flowery note of this artisan shea butter. Durban is known for its long seaside promenade, futuristic stadium, high-tech theme parks and world-class aquarium. 

Our Durban body butter is sweet and flirty. You'll encounter hints of mandarin, passion fruit, pink freesia and vanilla from the first second you twist the cap on your jar. Those sweet, flowery scents will follow you everywhere you go once our luscious, high-quality butter touches your skin. Your skin will look as dewy and relaxed as it would if you really were enjoying a holiday by the beach in South Africa. 

Every butter that is part of the Elle Vie Wanderlust Collection is made in small, limited batches. That means that you only have until our February butter sells out to get your hands on this organic, custom formula. The beauty and fragrant liveliness of South Africa can be with you every day. Make this a sweet, steamy winter by ordering your Durban body butter today!

BONNIE 2019 a floral feminine essence featuring a tantalizing hint of sandalwood and vanilla. As it glides on the skin it creates a smooth, rich feel.

CLYDE 2019  a masculine, intoxicating scent of smoky birch that offer the perfect balance of decadence when combined with our Bonnie butter. This butter is designed to bring softness to even the roughest skin with hints of black currant and vanilla creating a strong manly scent.

Lisbon - March 2019
The Elle Vie butter of the month for March is Lisbon. Do you want to feel like you're taking a European getaway as the last roar of winter leaves your skin in need of some serious nourishment? Venture to the Iberian Peninsula to explore a place where ancient ceramic tiles will guide your steps through one of the oldest cities in the world. The hilly, seaside Portuguese capital will take your breath away with its stunning towers, busy squares and tranquil monasteries. The city is also known for its string of sunny Atlantic beaches. You'll see landmarks that date back to the Roman era as you enjoy world-class cuisine and terrific shopping. You can spend your nights looking out over views of the Tagus River and admiring the twinkling skyline of Lisbon. When was the last time your skincare routine left you feeling like you just got back from a European holiday? 

Our unisex Portugal shea butter features hints of amber, vanilla and sandalwood. It is as warm and cozy as a day spent under the Portuguese sun on one of Lisbon's world-class beaches. This butter's scent can be described as sensual and complex. Our all-natural shea butter will moisturize and beautify your skin using top-of-the line ingredients. We make the butters that are part of our Wanderlust Collection in small batches. That means you'll need to get your hands on our Lisbon butter this month if you don't want to miss out.