BOTM Descriptions

Abu Dhabi

The exotic glamour and luscious desert heat of Abu Dhabi can be sensed with every whiff of Australian sandalwood and cardamom that dances over your body after applying this butter. Soft waves of iris, violet and ambrox scents will carry your mind to a daytime desert adventure and evenings spent draped in the softest Persian satin.


our body butter delivers hints of jasmine, musk and melon.


Scent notes of ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla and amber straddle the line between richly bold and subtly sweet.


fruity notes of blood orange, Alphonso mango and nectarine. Hints of water lily and lotus will stay with you like a crown of gold leaves on the head of a Greek queen.


hints of patchouli and sandalwood washed by touches of vanilla and tonka absolute.


Neroli, Coconut essence, vanilla and sandalwood.


Indulge in notes of vanilla, musk, tonka bean and amber hitting your senses as you blend this smooth, silky shea butter over your skin.

Buenos Aires

Enjoy a mix of sweet almond, white musk and vanilla with wafts of fresh-picked iris flowing through. There are also hints of patchouli and vetiver

Cabo San Lucas

Notes of mandarin, black currant, peony, patchouli and musk help to ignite the senses and create an irresistible scent.


Elle Vie's Egypt body butter features pink pepper, lilac and patchouli

Cape Town 

This flower-infused scent combines hints of jasmine, freesia and rose with citrus whispers. Warm, wood-inspired notes mingle with vanilla in the background to create a scent that gets more intense and interesting every time it passes your senses.


full of eucalyptus, palm and pine has been captured perfectly in our natural, sweet-smelling butter. In addition, we've added notes of patchouli, vanilla and black currant to create an ultra-sophisticated scent.

Cayman Islands 

notes of bergamot, tuberose, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, amber and patchouli with this island-inspired, freeing formula.

Chaing Mai ??



hints of tuberose, coconut, vanilla and hibiscus.


hints of bergamot, vanilla, amber, patchouli and lavender.


sensual blend of warm amber and crisp rose notes.


hints of golden saffron and iris flower


hints of mandarin, passion fruit, pink freesia and vanilla from the first second you twist the cap on your jar.