Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

By Kimberly Seals

We all get a little sensitive sometimes. And no, we’re not talking about being in your feelings. We’re talking skin deep.

Sensitive skin could actually benefit the most from some TLC. But when every product you try leaves you itchy, rashy, or dry, what are you to do? Whether you periodically deal with sensitive skin or you can’t seem to find a product that doesn’t leave you irritated, Elle Vie has you covered with our top tips for sensitive skin care.

Take it for a Test Run

We all know how exciting it can be to get a new beauty product. But before you get carried away, be sure to pump the brakes and test it out on a small inconspicuous patch of skin. If something is going to be an irritant, the last place you want it is all over.

The inside of the wrist, elbow, or behind the ear are good options that should give you an idea of how a product will interact with your skin. Apply a small amount and give it 24 hours. Keep in mind that a less than ideal reaction doesn’t automatically destine your new product for the trash. If an exfoliator is too harsh for your face, you might try it on your hands or feet instead.

Learn Your Triggers

If a product doesn’t work well with your skin, check the ingredients before you chuck it. Oftentimes the cause of your skin woes can be traced back to a particular ingredient.

Some commonly used fragrances and preservatives aren’t always good for your skin. Keep note of ingredients that reoccur in problem products. Once you know which ingredients don’t mix with your skin, you can avoid unnecessary irritation and wasted time. Speaking of ingredients...

Keep it Simple

When it comes to products for sensitive skin, the fewer ingredients the better. That’s why Elle Vie always uses natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. For those of us with extra sensitive skin, try something unscented and all natural like Elle Vie’s “Keeping it Real” butter.

Whatever your skin care needs may be, it’s important to find the products and routine that work for your skin and not against it. Everyone deserves to unlock their skin’s glow. Show your skin some love by finding what works for you.