The Secret to a Silky Smooth Shave

The Secret to a Silky Smooth Shave

By Kimberly Seals

It is now undeniably summer time, and we hope that means plenty of days spent poolside and on the shore. You’ve got a fierce swimsuit, cocktails, and you even remembered a tin of Elle Vie in your beach bag, look at you glow. The only thing that could dampen this good time is itchy uncomfortable legs courtesy of this morning’s shave. But don’t worry, Elle Vie has the best tips to keep you feeling smooth and looking sharp.


The first step to a smooth shave is a little bit of patience. Whether it be the bathtub or shower, you should always wet your legs before shaving and give your skin time to soften.

Never start shaving first thing in the shower or, worst yet, dry. It’s a lot easier to miss a spot or make some accidental abrasions if you don’t soak your legs for at least a few minutes before you begin shaving.

Keep it Sharp

Nothing causes knicks and scrapes quite like a dull razor. Save yourself the trouble, and keep your razor clean and sharp. Replacing (or deep cleaning) your razor every 5-7 shaves is recommended. This may mean swapping out your razor more often than in the winter time, but your skin is worth it.


If you take your time with the pre-soak and keep your razors on point but still suffer from irritation after shaving, you may be missing an important step. It may not be obvious, but proper exfoliation is key to a close and comfortable shave.

If you don’t remove dead skin, it will clog your razor and cause razor bumps, razor burn, and irritation, ouch. We recommend Elle Vie’s shea sugar scrub for a fragrant and hydrating polish that will soften and exfoliate. Remember to follow up with your favorite shaving cream and shave against the grain.

Moisturize and Shine

For an extra silky smooth finish, follow up your shave with your favorite Elle Vie body butter or oil. In addition to leaving your skin velvety soft, a good moisturizer can also prevent razor bumps and in-grown hairs.

Now, get back to the beach, and shine on them.