The Glow Up Is Real

Sweeten Your Day with a Sugar Scrub

By Kimberly Seals

If you’ve been looking for a sweet way to treat yourself, then look no further. No, we’re not talking about dessert, we’re talking about sugar scrubs. With a little sugar, you can spice up your bath time routine. And with Elle Vie, you already know you’ll be smelling oh so nice. Not convinced yet? Keep reading to discover why you should incorporate sugar scrubs into your skin care routine.

Say Buh-bye to Build Up

The one thing about yourself that you never want to build up is dead dry skin. To keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best, you should exfoliate your full body at least once or twice each week. From brushes and scrubs to chemical treatments, there is no shortage of options when it comes to exfoliating your skin.

However, a weekly (or more!) sugar scrub can be an excellent and, most often, natural option for keeping your skin smooth and exfoliated. If you want to keep it 100% natural, show your skin some love with one of Elle Vie’s luxurious sugar scrubs.

We know that you know better than to leave the house with your ash showing. But after several rounds of hand washing and sanitizing, even the most vigilante ash kicker might experience some dryness creeping in.

Gentle Yet Effective

Another benefit of using sugar scrubs for your exfoliation needs is that they are gentle on the skin while remaining effective against dead skin (and all the dryness that comes along with it).

Although sugar scrubs have a light touch, don’t underestimate the difference they can make for your skin. Sugar scrubs are great for preventing ingrown hairs and making your shaving routine even smoother.

Shine Bright

Sugar scrubs not only help your skin to feel good, but also help your skin to look its best. Regular exfoliation and removal of dead skin will allow the healthy skin cells beneath to shine through.

Want to add to your glow? Follow up your sugar scrub with one of Elle Vie’s body butters for an unbeatable and aromatic combination. Once you’ve exfoliated, your skin is even more receptive to soaking up moisture and shining bright. And what could be sweeter than healthy, glowing, ash free skin?