Winter Skin

Staying Moisturized Through the Winter 

By Kimberly Seals

As temperatures drop, dry skin is all but inevitable. But don’t worry, Elle Vie has you covered with these tips to keep your skin glowing and flake free through the harsh winter months. 

What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin occurs when your skin is not retaining enough moisture. Although skin care is important year round, we could all use an extra boost in the winter time. From blustering winter winds to the comfort of the fireplace, dry air is all around and ready to sap your skin of moisture. Luckily, there are a number of ways to fight this plague of dry cracked skin.

How to Combat Dry Skin

  • Stay Hydrated
  • When you’re dehydrated, your whole body is dehydrated, including your skin. Drinking more water will give your skin a stronger foundation to fend off flaky itchy dryness. Aiming for 8oz of water a day is a good place to start, but remember to do what feels best for your body. 

    To hydrate your skin from the outside in, try an air humidifier by your bed whenever you plan to have the heat running. This can help replenish the top layer of your skin and offset the drying effects of dry air.

  • Exfoliate, but Not too Much 
  • Regularly exfoliating is an excellent way to prevent dry flaky skin. Removing dead skin cells will allow moisture to deeply penetrate the skin for better hydration and moisture retention. 

    We recommend using a sugar scrub 2-3 times weekly. However, don’t over do it! Exfoliating too often or with overly harsh exfoliants can strip away moisture and lead to even drier skin.

  • Quicker Cooler Showers 
  • As much as we love a long hot shower, the heat and extended exposure to water can strip your skin of moisture and important oils. Opt for cooler temperatures, especially when rinsing off. 

  • Heavy Moisturizer 
  • Immediately after a shower or bath, be sure to moisturize. Your skin absorbs moisture during a shower or bath, and it is important to lock moisture in as soon as possible. In the winter time, the heavier the moisturizer the better. Avoid products that are alcohol or water based, and look for things that include shea and essential oils. 

    Remember to show your skin some extra love this season. With the right routine, your skin will be glowing year round.