We all know the feeling of not accomplishing something we so desperately wanted to focus on for the New year. Whether it was hitting the gym, starting a new business, knocking out 30 books, or staying consistent with your skincare routine, completing your New year's resolutions isn’t always easy. Struggling to know when, how, and where to start can be tricky while holding ourselves accountable can feel like a burden.  This year, we are being gentle with ourselves while remaining disciplined and serious about what we want! Here are our top 5 ways to ensure that you exceed your expectations and kill it this new year.

Write down and plan your goals.

The best thing that you can do before you start going after your new goals is to come up with an organized plan! Planning helps develop accountability and following that plan will help you stay disciplined and consistent when achieving your goals. This year, whether you purchase a journal or use your notes app, write down a plan.

Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals will not only prevent you from becoming discouraged, but it will also ensure that your goals are attainable! Start small! For example, rather than making a goal to go to the gym all 365 days of the year, start by making a goal to go 2-4 days a week. This way, you won’t feel discouraged if you are not making it to the gym every day. Setting realistic goals will lift loads of weight off of your shoulders and make it much easier for you to do your thing in 2023!

Connect with others

You don’t have to do it alone! Achieving your goals should be enjoyable, rewarding, and fun! You don’t have to isolate yourself to thrive. Have a friend whose goal is to also travel more this year? Go together! Need a gym partner? Hit up your best friend! Having a strong support system and staying social while achieving your goals will help you feel like you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone and achieve things together!


Be patient

Patience is a virtue. As long as you are consistent and disciplined you WILL achieve your goals. Don’t stress over how long it takes, focus on showing up and doing what you need to do for YOU. Great things take time and shouldn’t be rushed. The end of the year is NOT a deadline. If you find yourself still working to achieve your goals beyond 2023 when January 1st comes back around, consider it the anniversary of when you decided to work on something great for YOU. Don’t rush, stay in your lane and focus. 

Reward yourself

Self-care is so important! Rewarding yourself and taking care of yourself can come in many forms. Whether you are reminding yourself of how proud you are of your journey, taking a vacation to reward yourself, or even purchasing some body care from Elle Vie, take some extra care of your mind and body this year.