Elle Vie Tips for the Perfect at Home Spa Day

Total Body Reset

By Kimberly Seals

Here at Elle Vie, we are strong believers in self care Sundays and self care everyday! And while we can’t always get to a spa, as much as we’d love that, why not create your own spa experience right from the comfort of home? Elle Vie has you covered on the best tips to have the best at home spa day ever.

Make a Plan

Before you get started , we suggest making a quick list of what you want to get done and deciding on a good time for you to relax and unplug. That way, you can make sure you have plenty of time to and everything you need.

So take a moment, and ask yourself what self care would make you feel pampered today? That could be anything from a full body scrub to a pedicure and face mask, or maybe all of the above. It can be as low key or extra as you’d like. The possibilities are endless.

Set the Mood

The first step of any great spa day is to get the vibes right. Get your space to how you like it, then add a little extra. You can never go wrong with mood lighting, candles anyone? Better yet if they’re scented. The right scent can help you get calm and relaxed before you even start.

Use the Good Stuff

Once you’ve decided when and how you want to treat yourself, make sure you do it in the best way possible. Whether you’ve decided to go for a facial, a luxurious bubble bath, a mani pedi, or something else entirely, selecting the products that you’ll use to get the job done is an important task. Remember to be good to yourself while you’re being kind yourself. Always look to use the most natural products possible on your skin. The fewer and more readable the ingredients, the better. You may even want to try whipping up your own face mask. But if you’re looking for body scrubs, Elle Vie has you covered with all natural sugar scrubs that also smell amazing.

Make it a Habit

After you’ve finished up with your lavish at home spa day, don’t forget to schedule another one! The more we love ourselves, the better. Self care should be a regular part of your routine, not just a one off thing for special occasions. Because you deserve the best every single day. And who better to give you the best than you?