By: Melissa Etienne

It’s gifting season! Here at Elle Vie, we know how difficult it can be to find meaningful gifts for your loved ones. It can be especially hard to find gifts last minute. Don’t fret, Elle Vie is here to save the day! We have curated the ultimate gift giving guide. Whether you are shopping for your big sister, best friend, hubby, or mom, we’ve got you covered. 

Gifts for Moms

B.O.S.S up your mom’s self care routine with one of our Shea Body Bundles. This bundle comes with our (B)ody Butter, (O)il, (S)crub, and (S)hower Gel in four delectable scents. She is sure to LOVE this!

Gifts for Dads & Husbands

Dads need pampering too! Show your dad you care by gifting him our

 SA VIE MEN'S SHEA GIFT SET. This set comes with 3 4 oz jars of our scented body butters. This season give your dad the gift of self care!

Gifts for sisters & best friends

Show your sister or best friend just how much they mean to you by customizing one of Elle Vie’s Gift Sets just for them! With this gift set, you’ll be able to choose 2 of our delectable scented body butters and a handcrafted candle wrapped in an elegant gift box. This is the perfect gift for those you love!

Gifts for Brothers

We all know that our brothers can be indecisive and picky, which is why at Elle Vie, you get options. This holiday season give your indecisive brother 3 jars of our aromatic body butters to choose from with our Men’s Gift Set! He’s sure to fall in love with at least one- or all three!

            4 Winter Self Care MUSTS

Thick Moisturizers 

During the colder months it is important that we moisturize and protect our skin.  Elle Vie’s Shea Body Butters can be applied on top of your regular body lotion to seal in the moisture or be used alone. These thick, luscious shea butters leave your skin supple, glowy, and most importantly, MOISTURIZED (plus, you’ll smell AMAZING).  

Shop for Holiday Gifts Online

We all know that holiday shopping is stressful and waiting in long lines sucks. During the holidays, shopping for gifts online can relieve some of that stress by allowing you to take your time and find exactly what you need. Here at Elle Vie, our holiday gift sets are perfect for moms, dads, best friends, and any other special person in your life. So sit back and relax this holiday season. We’ve got it. 


Breathe in…breathe out. Relax. The holidays can be busy, hectic, and overwhelming, but it’s also a time to relax and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you’ve accomplished this year! Whether it’s snuggling up with a book, taking a hot shower, or just taking a walk outside, take the time to do something for YOU. 

Treat Yourself

The holidays are all about giving and spreading love. You deserve all that and more! Doing little (or big!) things to show ourselves that we care about and appreciate all that we do and go through is important. This holiday season, don’t forget to show yourself some love and truly treat yourself. Whether it’s a spa day, solo trip, or one of our Shea Body Bundles, give yourself some extra TLC.