Elle Vie’s Top 3 Reasons to Shop Black Owned

Elle Vie’s Top 3 Reasons to Shop Black Owned

By Kimberly Seals

Shopping small Black owned businesses means so much more than just getting the product that you want. It also means supporting the dreams of those who are told time and again that they’re dreaming too big. Better yet, supporting Black business strengthens Black communities and expands their capacity to grow. If that isn’t enough to inspire you to start shopping Black owned right now, Elle Vie has three more reasons for why you should be shopping Black owned this holiday season and always.

Invest in Real Communities

When you support small Black owned businesses, you’re not just supporting that individual business owner. You’re also supporting everyone in their community. Nearly half of the revenue from small business are recirculated back into the community rather than the 14% from the average chain store.

Whether it be your favorite local Black owned shop or an e-commerce store across the state, you’re making a difference in Black communities when you shop Black owned.

Create New Opportunities

Way too many Black owned businesses fail within their first year due to a lack of support. And even when they do succeed, it is often a one person show because Black entrepreneurs are more likely to have to self-fund their business.

However, when Black businesses are given the space and resources to grow, they create job opportunities for communities that are often excluded at best and displaced at worst by larger entities.

Inspire the Next Generation

Hopefully one day we won’t need any reminders to support Black owned Businesses. When given the proper support, Black businesses and communities truly prosper. Successful Black businesses giving back to their communities should be the norm, not an exception. The more you support Black owned businesses, the closer we get to that reality.

As a Black-woman owned business, Elle Vie knows all too well the extra challenges that can come along with your entrepreneurial journey just because of who you are. We want the next generation of Black entrepreneurs to be able to go after their dreams and know that nothing is standing in their way.