Black Women Pioneers in Beauty

Black Women Pioneers in Beauty

By Kimberly Seals

From Madame C.J. Walker to Rihanna, Black women have and continue to slay in the beauty industry. That’s why this Women’s History Month, we’re taking a moment to celebrate some of the amazing Black women who pioneered the beauty industry. 

Annie Turnbo Malone

Annie Turnbo Malone was a chemist who turned her interest in hair care into a business empire. Much like Elle Vie, Annie was concerned with using quality ingredients. Her products supported scalp health and hair growth for black women during a time when dangerous practices, such as lye and potatoes, were regularly used. 

Malone was one of the first Black women to become a millionaire, and in true black girl magic fashion, she used her resources to open a beauty school and give other black women avenues to success. Although they eventually became rivals, the famed Madame C.J. Walker got her start working for Malone, and they both became some of the most successful entrepreneurs of their time. 

Christina Jenkins 

If you’ve ever rocked inches, you have Christina Jenkins to thank for that. In 1949, Christina Jenkins created the blueprint for the hair weaving techniques that we still use today. Christina used her expertise as a scientist and her experience in the wig industry to create a method for attaching hair without using heat or chemicals.

In 1951, she patented her technique, and began traveling worldwide to share her knowledge. Christina Jenkins owned and operated “Christina’s HairWeeve Penthouse Salon”headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio until 1993 


Madame Nobia A. Franklin

Hailing from Elle Vie’s headquarter state of Texas, Madame Nobia A. Franklin founded a successful beauty business as well as the oldest continuously operating cosmetology school in the south, located in Houston Texas. 

In addition to her successful business and school, Franklin also opened a manufacturing center to create her home made products. Franklin not only focused on creating hair products for Black women, but also on making cosmetics such as lipsticks and powders that actually complimented Black women. 

Happy Women’s History Month

Without a doubt, Black women are the blueprint. We’ve been changing the world and looking good while doing it. Join Elle Vie in celebrating some of the lovely Black women making her-story right now with our limited edition Women’s History Month set. Don’t forget to protect, support, and uplift the amazing women in your life every day of the year!