Black Don’t Crack: Skincare in Your 30’s

Black Don’t Crack: Skincare in Your 30’s

By Kimberly Seals

Last time in the Black Don’t Crack series we talked about the skincare basics relevant at any stage of your life. Now, as promised, we’re taking a look at skin care best practices as we age. And we’re starting with the flirty and thriving 30’s.

Your 30’s are when your hormone levels begin to decrease, slowing down collagen production (the stuff that keeps your skin elastic) and cell turn over. These changes come with a new set of requirements for your skin. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with your skincare needs, but if not, there’s no better time to start than now. Without further ado, here are Elle Vie’s top skincare tips for the 30’s

Routine Routine Routine

We already covered the importance of a routine in the skincare basics, but consistency becomes even more important the older we get. Cell turnover happens every 14 days when you’re a kid, but by the time you’re in your 30s that number is at 28-35 days. That means you need at least a month's worth of consistent use before you can determine what is and isn’t working for your skin.

If you’re not sure where to start with your skincare routine, we cover that in the first installment of this series. Check it out if you haven’t yet, then keep reading to discover what additions to make for your 30’s.

Protection and Prevention

Your 30’s are a good time to begin taking preventative and protective measures when it comes to the longevity of your skin. Harsher products like makeup wipes can become too drying and irritating as our skin ages and produces less oil. High quality ingredients that compliment your skin are more important than ever during your 30’s.

Speaking of ingredients, retinol, vitamin C and antioxidants are all excellent ingredients to introduce into your skincare routine in the form of serums. Retinol encourages cell turnover and the other two ingredients provide an extra layer of nutrients and protection for your skin. Start by adding these ingredients in small amounts and remember to listen to your skin.

Look to the Professionals

If you haven’t before, your 30’s can be the perfect time for a dermatologist visit. Thanks to changing hormones, our skin can experience major shifts such as a difference in skin type (oily to dry or dry to oily), hormonal acne and pigmentation.

At the end of the day, our skin is unique to us. So if you’re noticing any unwanted changes in your skin, it’s much better to treat it sooner rather than later. Don’t hesitate to speak with a professional about crafting a skin care routine tailored to you.

Until Next Time

Just like our wardrobes, our skin is bound to change over time. Your skincare routine should evolve with you and give your skin what it needs in order to thrive. Remember, it’s never too late to start prioritizing the health and well-being of your skin. Stay tuned as we explore skincare for your 40’s and beyond in the next installments.