5 Skin Care "MUST HAVES" for fall

Melissa Etienne

Facial Steaming

This fall we are adding the moisture BACK into our skin. Facial steaming is a great way to maintain hydrated and moisturized skin. Some of the benefits of facial steaming include promoting circulation, hydrating your skin, and better product absorption. Adding this soothing step to your skincare routine 2-3 times a week will bring you soft and glowy skin. 

Implementing oils and butters

This is a MUST! Using body oils and butters during the cooler months will ensure that your skin retains moisture while serving as a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh, cold weather. Elle Vie’s 100% natural body butters and oils will do just that and MORE. Lather yourself in Elle Vie’s delectable oils and butters for a true difference in the way your skin feels this fall.  


Got dry and flaky skin? We’ve got the fix. 3 words…TIME TO EXFOLIATE. Elle Vie’s Shea Sugar Scrubs are just the cure for dry skin no matter the season. With 6 scents to choose from, there's something for everyBODY. Oh, and don't forget about Elle Vie’s exfoliating Shower Mitt. Pair the two together to give your body the scrub of a lifetime. 


Protect. Your. Melanin. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays doesn’t have to be just a summer thing. As black women, it is important to wear SPF year-round for an infinite amount of reasons. Wearing at least a 30 SPF sunscreen daily can protect you from skin damage from the sun, reduce discoloration/hyperpigmentation, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and most importantly help prevent skin cancer. Don’t leave your SPF behind this fall!

Use a moisturizing body wash

Is your body wash robbing you of all your moisture? We’ve got your back (and the rest of you too)! Infused with shea butter and essential oils, Elle Vie’s Shea Shower Gel will add all that moisture back and then some! Moisturizing your skin doesn’t have to start outside of the shower! Follow up your lavish shower with one of our body oils or butters for intense and long-lasting hydration. You’ll thank us later!