4 Ways To Discover Your Black Girl Magic

By: Melissa Etienne

Know your worth

We’ve all heard it before, “Know your worth and add tax!”. Well Elle vie is here to tell you to double that price and more! As black women, the world can make it easy to compromise our worth. Don’t do it! Get rid of any self doubt and stop negotiating your worth!

Create a pamper routine

You deserve the best. Creating a pamper routine and lathering your body with the finest oils, butters, and scrubs will give you the confidence to walk into every room like you own it. What can we say? When you smell good, you FEEL good. 

Start off your day with Elle Vie’s Shea Shower Gel paired with our Exfoliating Shower Mitt for soft and supple skin. Oh, and don’t think it stops there! Lock in that moisture by lathering yourself in our rich body oils and butters for some extra TLC. Your skin will thank you!

Be yourself…or not

Yup, we said it. It is important to embody the woman that you desire to be everyday. Even if in realty, you aren’t her yet. Don’t just dream about it, be about it and do it. 

Try the things that you’ve always wanted to try and mold yourself into the woman that you always knew you were. Walk in her shoes until you become her.


Our words hold so much power. Writing can be a therapeutic way of releasing trauma, building confidence, releasing stress, and unwinding.

Journaling is also a great form of manifestation. Pick up your pen and paper and write about the life that you envision for yourself, your goals, or even a to-do list. You’ve got this!