Social Butterfly Shea Body Butter

  • A fundraiser at the museum? A networking social? A power conference for women? No? Tonight, it’s a concert to see your favorite artist of all time and you have backstage passes. You’ve never been the type to sit on the sidelines of life. Elle Vie’s, Social Butterfly body butter is hand crafted with a luxurious blend of natural scents with hints of honey, sandalwood, chocolate and vanilla. This body butter is designed to accommodate any busy body.

Customer Reviews

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You Won't Be Disappointed!

I'm a new customer and recently purchased the Social Butterfly and Girls Night Out Body Shea Butters and I'm so glad I did. The butters are a whipped texture, super creamy/moisturizing and smell sooooo goodl! I put them on day and night, which is probably overkill because a little goes a long way. But, I'm addicted. Also, the customer service provided by Lavida is top notch! She is such a sweetheart!

My signature scent!

I LOVE this scent! I discovered it from the sampler set. My favorite thing about this product is that the next morning after putting it on I am so silky smooth and the smell is amazing. I found this company right after I left my beloved south for colder temperatures and I am so glad I did! I wish this was a perfume too!

Like Butta!

I absolutely love the way this glides onto my skin, leaves it glistening, looking well moisturized and the smell! It smells divine, without being overpowering. I like the way it lingers, sharing my presence, wherever I go. LOVE!

Love ❤️

Although customer ❤️service clearly marked my package to be left in the office our postman delivered it to a hot mail box. I did a refrigerator rescue and though it lost some of the whipped feel, it was still delicious and I feel like a Queen every morning when I butter up. I don’t leave home without it.

Great product.

Everything about the product is great. My skin has never been so soft. I also got the sugar scrub. My skin feels new. Even some of the blemishes I had, I’m starting to notice they are going away.

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